Nearly 250 years ago, a 19-year old defied his king to follow his convictions. Crossing an ocean, he came to America to join the cause of liberty.

There he became a major general and fought alongside patriots, forging deep ties with George Washington and other Founding Fathers. His journey to this young republic redefined the course of his life and marked his start of shaping history on two continents.

These experiences gave birth to a philosophy that guided him so profoundly that he eventually had its Latin translation emblazoned on his family crest:

Cur Non.
Cur Non means Why Not.

Today, at the college that bears his name, we embrace that philosophy every day. We challenge our students to move beyond the familiar, comfortable, and easy. We dare them to live boldly as thinkers, doers, and leaders. We offer them opportunities to engage in every aspect of learning and to use their intellect, talent, and energy to find their place in the world.