Why not you? Why not here? Why not now?

At Lafayette College, we challenge our students to move beyond the familiar, the comfortable, the easy. We dare them to become thinkers and leaders themselves. We offer them opportunities to jump into the thick of things, to take risks, to care deeply.

Who We Are

A beautiful campus overlooking the historic Delaware River. A tradition-rich liberal arts college. A selective enrollment small enough to make you feel like you belong to a real community. A college large enough to give you unique opportunities across the arts, sciences and engineering. This is Lafayette.


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Easton’s many charms include its stunning natural beauty of the valley, cultural offerings, and an abundance of retail, dining, and entertainment opportunities for all visitors. Learn more about Easton.

Downtown Easton is also home to many restaurants, art galleries, and antique shops. It hosts concerts, plays, musicals, stand-up comics, and dance performances. Learn about things to do in Easton.

Many of the Northeast’s major metropolitan markets are within easy reach of the Lehigh Valley by plane, train, bus, or car. Plan you visit. Transportation | Hotels/Shopping/Dining

Namesake and History

More than two centuries ago, a 19-year-old left home to follow a dream. He came to a new place far away, remade himself as a student and scholar and became a leader and a hero. His lifelong philosophy was so important to him he had its Latin translation emblazoned on his family crest. “Cur Non.” Today, at the college that bears his name, we embrace that philosophy daily.