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These women taught me that aging is not something to fear but something to embrace and be thankful for.

Christina Shaman ’16

Film and Media/Women's and Gender Studies

Our Service in the Community

With my jellyfish installation, I’m trying to bring awareness to the notion that our oceans are pretty out of balance.

Jim Toia

Director of Community Arts Program

Read about art, science, and jellyfish

Lafayette offers an incredible set of resources that allow it to compete with larger universities in terms of research opportunities.

Rachel Elias ’17

Chemical Engineering

Learn about our biodiesel program

At Lafayette, doing is as much a part of learning as class time. Here, hands-on experience is how we revolutionize the world. You’ll connect with students and alumni with similar interests and others passionate about fields of study you’ve never before imagined.

You Should Know

89% of our grads are employed, continuing their education, in internships, or in volunteer work six months after graduation.


We're 70 miles west of New York City.


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Middle States Accreditation

  • During the years 2017-19, Lafayette College will once again undergo the process of accreditation through MSCHE, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Find out more about the Middle States Accreditation process.