Welcome from Lafayette’s President

I have spent a great deal of time learning about the College, and coming to understand why it inspires such extraordinary dedication among students, alumni, and other members of the Lafayette community.

Students are drawn to its broad curriculum, which brings the best of the traditional liberal arts into productive synergy with multiple programs in engineering, and to a range of athletic and extracurricular opportunities that make Lafayette a uniquely spirited residential college.

Faculty and staff are drawn by the presence of excellent students, the availability of top-notch research and campus facilities, and the proximity to numerous other fine colleges and major metropolitan areas, a geographic nexus that creates a vibrant intellectual community. They enjoy the deep sense of community that suffuses the campus at all levels.

Alumni remain dedicated to Lafayette as a place where they formed lifelong friendships, where they were both supported and challenged, and where they were taught one crucial skill that served them well in any career: how to learn.

I hope that you will have the opportunity to visit our lovely campus, and experience the strength of the Lafayette community first-hand.